A study of differences in the personality types, adjustment patterns and occupational choices of neglected children and children from loving families

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Pages: 35-37
GarimaYadav (Department of Psychology, Dronacharya Govt. College, Gurgaon, Haryana)

Family forms the basis of socialization and personality making. Children right form birth gets attached to parents and siblings on the basis of their care, benevolence and love for them. Yet in certain cases the picture is not so rosy, as there are cases of child abuse-sexual and physical. This abuse, neglect and inhuman attitude of so-called adults in the family prove detrimental for the children because it not only affects their personality but also influences their decision-making. Healthy parenting and loving environment on the contrary shows confident individuals and better decision makers. Conscious efforts must be made to address the issue of neglect and abuse.


Pages: 35-37
Garima Yadav (Department of Psychology, Dronacharya Govt. College, Gurgaon, Haryana)