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Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW) is the association of researchers (psychology, and allied sciences), health practitioners, and volunteers for welfare of the society. IAHRW was founded in 2010 with the objectives to promote researches in the area of psychology and to make people aware about health issues and to run welfare schemes for the betterment of the society. IAHRW started its activities with the publication of two research journals Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, and a theme based magazine PsyInsight.

Currently we are publishing 8 research journals, a Positive Psychology Magazine ‘PsyInsight’, books, manuals and conference proceedings. IAHRW publishes 6 national and international journals in the area of psychology, education, social sciences, literature and other sciences. All the journals are being published regularly since 2010. One of our journals i.e., Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing is published monthly, which is the only journal of psychology in our country.

IAHRW has published 12 books in the area of positive psychology i.e. Positive Psychology: In the Light of Indian Tradition, Human Values and Strengths: An Indian Perspective, Positive Schooling: An Indian Perspective, and others from different authors across the country.

Our Story

Also organizes an International Conference on Psychology and Allied Sciences (ICPAS) to spread Indian researches in the area of psychology and allied sciences across India and abroad. The 1st and 2nd ICAPS were organized at GJUS&T, Hisar, Haryana. 3rd ICPAS was organized on the theme of “Nurturing Human Values and Strengths in Individual and Society at Amity University, Noida and 4t ICPAS was organized on the theme of “Positive Schooling: A Heaven for Holistic Development” at Ravindra Bhavan, Goa. The 5th ICPAS will be organized in New Delhi on the theme of Vasudhaiv Kutumbukum: An Indian Notion of Family Wellbeing (Family Wellbeing: A Global Perspective).

  • Our Vision

Connect mental health research community across India and to create opportunity for them to publish quality research in IAHRW’s journals.

  • Our Mission

Founded in 2010 by Dr Sunil Saini and two other colleagues, Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW) is dedicated to addressing the needs of students, researchers for quality research, health professionals for promotion of mental health,and social scientists working for the welfare of the society. During his PhD, Saini witnessed the need of publication of research articles in research journals, and was subjected to horrible experience. From these experiences, Dr Saini set into motion to fill up the gap of quality research journals in India, and that took shape, and is known today as IAHRW research journals i.e. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Review, International Journal of Education and Management Studies, International Journal of Literary Studies, and International Journal of Science, Engineering and Computer Technology. IAHRW’s research programs and initiative in the area of mental health and special education has fulfilled its mission of promoting mental health, research and welfare programs.

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Sunil Saini

Founder and Chairperson