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IAHRW is the academic publisher, and a home for authors and editors of books, journals, magazine, manuals, etc. We work closely with authors and editors to produce the best quality publication. We are committed to meeting the needs of academic and professional communities, and concentrate our efforts on providing best quality production.

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IAHRW publish high quality books and scholarly works (Thesis to Book) with ISBN no. If you are interested in publishing with IAHRW, the guidelines are mentioned in the Book Proposal form

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IAHRW publishes 6 Research Journals. If you are interested in publishing your journals with IAHRW, contact us.


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Recent Publications

Positive Psychology: In the Light of India Traditions

Dr. Sunil Saini

Family Structure and Wellbeing of Children: An Indian Perspective

Dr. Kiran Sahu and Dr. Swarnshikha Sharma

Psychological Characteristics of Sports Person: An Indian Perspective

Prof. Abha Singh

Organisational Commitment: A Psychological Perspective

Dr. Agyajit Singh and Dr. Surjeet Singh

Depression and Mental Health among Old Aged: A Indian Perspective

Dr. Vijayshri

A Brief Introduction to Organisational Behaviour

Dr. Fatima Shanawaz