Diploma in Scale Development

Often, we are encountered with the assessment of people’s capabilities and potentials in various settings like schools, families, management of human resource clinical settings, career counseling, etc. The success of assessment largely depends on the instrument used for collection of data needless to mention that improperly constructed scale may lead to biased and spurious results. Often scale development is taken as a casual activity particularly in nonacademic sphere, though there is complete science involved in the development of scales. it becomes imperative on the part of researcher to know the nuances of scales. This certificate course aims to expose students, researchers, practitioners, and HR professionals to the academic realities of scales more in terms of foundations underlying in developing and validating the scales. This course will focus usability of scales as well as development of new psychometric instrument particularly in Indian context

Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare

Batch Starts:

Duration: One month (6 hours per week)

Online (Online sessions by Experts, Study material, e-books on Scale Developments, Assignment of different steps of Scale Development, Pilot Study on Scale Development)
Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare
Target Audience
The course includes all who have desire to understand, use, and develop psychometric scale in particular it embraces PGstudents, research scholars, clinical psychologists, health practitioners, HR professionals, career Counselors and school counselors, etc. It is obligatory to announce that all the participants will be provided material on scale development
Required Skill:
Basic Knowledge of Computer (Microsoft office, Internet Surfing, knowledge of Google Meet/Zoom)
Course will be taught by senior professors who have expertise in Scale Development
How will you learn:

- Interactive Online Live Interaction,
- High quality recorded video lectures,
- e-learning activities with assignments,
- hands-on experience,
- e-books, research articles, notes, etc.

What will you learn:
The following 6 modules will be delivered by experienced professionals over the duration of the course.
Key Takeaways
Award of Certificate

On successful completion of the course, earn a Certificate of “Certificate Course in Scale Development” by Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare